North Korea’s Uncertain Shift – Kim Jong Il Dead at 69 or 70

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In this totalitarian government, even the dictator’s Age was subject to revision.

From Kim Jong Il (a.k.a. Yuri Irsenovich Kim) was born on 16 February 1941 in Khabarovsk, USSR, the eldest son of Kim Il Sung and his first wife, Kim Jong Suk. The year of his birth has subsequently been changed to 1942 to make a more convenient 30-year age difference between himself and his father, and the place of his birth was altered to become a secret camp on Mt. Paektu in Samjiyon County, Ryanggang Province.

In his life, he was known as “Supreme Leader”, “Dear Leader” and “our Father” in the legendarily repressive country of North Korea.

Kim Il Sung began gradually preparing Kim Jong Il as heir apparent since 1971. (ibid)

Kim Jong-un, the third and youngest son of Kim Jong-il with his late consort Ko Young-hee has been groomed as his fathers dictatorial heir. His eldest half-brother, Kim Jong-nam, had been the favorite to succeed, but reportedly fell out of favour after 2001, when he was caught attempting to enter Japan on a fake passport to visit Tokyo Disneyland. (source: Wikipedia)

Sinking of a naval vessel and shelling of South Korean territory in the past months has illustrated the bellicose tendencies of the North Korean government. The People of North Korea are known to be starving and humanitarian aid seems to continue as 6-party talks have been sought to keep the powder keg that is North Korea from causing regional havoc in the far East.

All activities in North Korea are not Just under the lens of the repressive dictatorial government, but that North Korea is a rogue nuclear power, with a weapons arsenal under development as the population starves.

News reports indicate more humanitarian aid from the U.S. (in the form of Food). Whether today’s news (December 19th in North Korea) will impact those negotiations for better or worse seems unknown.

The actions of Russia and China over the coming days are under careful scrutiny.

China has significant trade linkages and shared history during warfare with North Korea. However, the North Korean government is know to maintain an independence of action.

At present, North Korean news agencies are reporting that funeral services are scheduled for December 28th.

The US response to the change in North Korea’s government has not yet been announced, but the actions of South Korea and Japan will be a critical part of that calculus.

#2ndSong4ThisDay – Still 11/13/2011 – no law against it (yet), so…

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To Our JAH – friendly friends:

HalleluJAH – Sweathog


HalleluJAH – Sweathog

#Song4ThisDay – Sunday November 13, 2011

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The  Clique- Sugar on Sunday

I hope you enjoy the sweet irony in this post as much as 3 of us. do!

To quote rwells47, who posted last on the youtube of this song:
Great post Chris! This song was on Tommy James and the Shondells “Crimson and Clover album. The single “Crimson and Clover” was released in 1968. The album with “Crimson and Clover” and “Sugar on Sunday” was released in January, 1969. Tommy James never released “Sugar on Sunday” as a single. The Clique was the lucky band to release their version of this great song!

The  Clique – Sugar on Sunday

Welcome to the Day After 11-11-11 (reposted from google+, also by me.)

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New Post: < Title > The Continuing Saga of the Can’t Lose For Winning Tour 2011
Poster’s Notes: 1. * = Reasons Not Pertinent to This Series of Posts
2. Though this saga began earlier, status= Must Post <2 hrs ago:

Background: Within the past 30 days, I posted, then removed a plan to purchase, then octuple the value of a piece of real estate. Many details, *.

Initial Post: At dusk, I took a 10 minute walk, *. An empty lot was noted, *. A google search revealed the “empty” lot was Not That At All, *! A quick drive around “the block(s)” proved a livable structure was Also on the TWO lots. Back to google to confirm. It recapitulates. And, indeed points out that the space between Structure and the Next house was Also part of the Same “Address”. (Selected New ‘Investment’ DBA name, [soon to be, but *]. Changed to more comfortable shoes. Reconnoiterred on foot. Confirmed all, and noticed part of family Next door was loading to Move (!) [Explanation of relevance: Many “distressed” O voters here – opportunity to purchase Multiple houses on same block may be Real.] Now “full of it”, I continue to intersection and turned right, quickly reaching intersection with Austin Chronicle on left, *. Interstate Highway I-35 was directly ahead, so I made a pedestrian turn right – heading South. Almost immediately reached my “primary” “B”of A branch. Seeing an opportunity to “rest” for 30 seconds, and cheap amusement, used 1 of 2 “B”of A cards, requesting and receiving a Printed receipt showing Zero balance *, *. Recreation and rest completed, I continued less than 100 yards South and turned left to cross overpass of I-35. Crossed Against Pedestrian Stop Light, with complete safety, *. Then crossed access road, again Against Light. [Explanation of relevance: Less than 30 days ago, I received A “traffic” ticket for violating the Law against “Pedestrian Crossing Against Light.” I had just violated the Same Law Twice, without repercussions, risk, or even annoying Drivers!] Proceeded NorthEast into “Fiesta” food market and went into the store. Purchased a Snapple 79 cent 20 oz Very Cherry Punch. But cashier noted that a coupon Was available, and retrieved one, and the drink Cost Only 31 Cents! Exiting store and feeling lucky, I noted that 2 vending machines offered Ice Cold Fiesta Brand drinks for Only 25 cents. Both machines had “Out of Order” signs on them. One vending machine was dark, the other had fully functional lights. Gambling is illegal in Texas, but I put 25 cents at risk… And received Not just Any Soft Drink… but Pineapple! Total Cost of 32 ounces of Soft Drinks, Ice cold… 56 CENTS! (Naturally, by this point, I was feeling Lucky! I returned to the intersection with I-35 And Twice More Violated The Same Law I’d been ticked for not 30 Days before Safely and Without A Ticket!!! So I went Back to the “B”of A, used My “Other” card at the ATM, collected A Second Zero-balance Printed receipt, *. Then I walked home, and Began Writing This post, which took Longer than the entire real estate project Upgrade Process. And Not Only did I Also Pick Up a new Telephone Directory… althought the Cost of the new land and construction deal contemplated “ballooned” from Under 500K to Under 1M, the resulting structures will be Off heavily traffic’ed streets, require virtually No demolition, and produce at least a 6Meg (too modest for the next AbbyRhodes studio, but…) … we can also have better parking, party areas, and space for transient talent to “sleep it off” as necessary. [Bus parking about half a mile hike.] CAN’T LOSE!

#abs(11-11-11)=11 Freedom & scientific progress are intertwined

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#Rick+Dolly=DoubleDoseOfLove – This New World is FUN!

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Two “Dolly’s” have made my challenging live joyful over the last two years.
Dolly the Dog is a precious 20 pound girl last know to be held by an Officer Guy
in Jeffco, CO.
And the incomparable Dolly Parton just keeps on keeping music therapy
soothing my brain.


All at TechBreeder’s Blog continue to rejoice with the Libyan People.

Further, we support the voices of Freedem in Turkey, Iran, and in Cuba.

Adding concerns about the economies of Greece, et. al., and TechBreeder’s
“top-of-mind” is fully occupied.

The Celebration of the Nobility of the Average Man and Woman –
Revolution of the Fleur de Lis Continues.

Freedom and Prosperity are Growing – Globally!

… And what should slap my mind to awareness today, but the fact
that over 1200 Syrians have been murdered by That Regime!

Friends around the world, what is Not needed is an America
acting as World Police. What IS needed is for voices of Freedom
and Justice in “countries Sick with their governments” to be
Enabled to Fight Back and WIN Peace, such that Freedom may follow.

YOU must define the meaning of “freedom”. Is Freedom injustice?
I think not. Is “freedom” a particular religious dogma, when
citizens Worship differently … true Freedom? I think NOT.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I humbly note that YOU, the People of your
nation can define Freedom for Yourselves. Please Do So!

#toTheShoresOfTripoli – Dictator’s Exit Signals Re-entry Of Life In Libya

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Muammar Gaddafi Is Dead; in Tripoli, Libyans Celebrate .

Read more:,8599,2097446,00.html#ixzz1bM3mWXXy 

 American People Thank God and the Military Allies who toppled the enemy of Freedom.  .

Early Reports


. . . The People of Libya WIN!

Free At Last. Free At Last. Thank God Almighty.

The People of Libya Are Free At Last!

Who Are The Freedom Fighters?


All In A Days Work! LeatherNecks = Hearts of Gold.

Marines Deploy. – October 20, 2011 

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